Holding the title of being the most popular digital broadcasting platform in the world, Netflix has been sharing the list of the most watched TV series and movies for 2 years. Of course, there are some lists where these productions are listed according to the language of the content, as well as being domestic and foreign. This week, he shared the Top10 list, which he organized according to the total hours watched.

Netflix shared the week’s most watched TV series list!
Netflix regularly shares the most watched and popular productions by users on the platform. In this direction, it publishes different lists according to watch time, such as weekly, monthly, yearly and all-time record holders. Now he shared the most watched between October 24-30.

Holding the title of being the most popular digital broadcasting platform in the world, Netflix attracted attention with the dyspotic Turkish series Hot Head. The official trailer of the production, which also includes well-known names from the world of cinema, has been released.

Trailer from Netflix’s Turkish series Hot Head!
Hot Head, whose release date was announced as December 2 in the past weeks, attracts attention with its subject. The production, shot in Istanbul, will be an 8-episode mini-series. So let’s take a look at the 2-minute trailer released;

Adapted from Afşin Kum’s book of the same name, Hot Head is about an epidemic that spreads through speech. So much so that while the disease in question causes insanity in people, Murat Siyavuş, who has gained immunity, becomes the target of health institutions.

If we look at the cast of Hot Head, we see the names Osman Sonant, Hazal Subaşı, Şevket Çoruh, Haluk Bilginer, Tilbe Saran, Gonca Vuslateri, Erdem Akakçe and Feriha Eyüboğlu.

The Last of Us series release date has been announced!
In addition to the Hot Head series, The Last of Us series, which HBO Max adapted to the series, managed to become one of the leading productions in the game world. The series, which is highly anticipated by the players, started to gain more popularity with the first trailer last month.

In the official trailer released a while ago, it was stated that The Last of Us series will debut in 2023. In addition, after the trailer, some claims were made about the release date. Recent posts by HBO and Naught Dog have finally revealed the release date of The Last of Us.